Building a global logistics system that connects the world


In recent years, China's position in the global connection and flow pattern has been significantly improved and its influence has been continuously strengthened. However, compared with some developed countries, China still has a certain gap in the ability to connect the world. In this regard, one belt, one road, is to firmly grasp the new characteristics of globalization and the changes of the world pattern. We must follow the principle of "altruism, create and share, win and win" in the light of the needs of global production, circulation and trade. We should uphold the concept of "openness, tolerance and win-win" and seize the opportunity of "one belt and one road" to strengthen strategic docking with other countries. Realize multi-level international logistics cooperation objects, diversified international logistics cooperation methods, chemical express, multi-channel international logistics cooperation forms, multi-field international logistics cooperation contents and multi task international logistics cooperation process, and effectively promote the construction of global logistics system.

Strengthen strategic docking and policy communication with relevant countries, and actively participate in global transportation, logistics and customs clearance governance. We should participate in the formulation and revision of relevant international rules and standards, participate in global energy governance, and promote the interconnection of international oil and gas pipelines; Strengthen the construction of bilateral and multilateral transport cooperation mechanisms with neighboring countries, promote the connection with international general transport laws, regulations and technical standards, and eliminate institutional obstacles to cross-border transport; Strengthen cooperation with customs of various countries, reduce customs clearance costs, shorten transit time and promote customs clearance facilitation; Establish a unified global logistics policy coordination mechanism with all countries, promote the organic connection of international customs clearance, reloading and multimodal transport, and promote the formation of a compatible and standardized global logistics policy system.

Strengthen capital guarantee and innovate financing methods. Further improve the multi-channel, multi-level and diversified investment and financing mode combining national investment, local financing and social financing, provide fiscal and tax support for major construction projects, implement zero tax rate or tax exemption, and increase financial support for leading logistics enterprises and innovative logistics enterprises.

Support logistics enterprises to better integrate international resources. Support logistics enterprises to explore and utilize international markets and resources, and constantly expand international development space. Support advantageous logistics enterprises to extend the global service network through joint or equity participation, acquisition and merger of other logistics enterprises.

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